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Battery life of wall mounted tablets

The use of any app which keeps the screen on continuously, raises questions regarding the battery life of tablets and power saving techniques. We discovered that some of our users avoid permanent charging due to wiring impediments. We did some experiments to find out how their daily unmounting and charging activities can be reduced. In […]

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enable night mode

Enable night mode with tasker app

There are multiple options available to enable a night mode or power saving mode. Some commercial tablets have built-in functionality for power cycling. In one of the previous posts, we explained how you can make use of your camera and smart detection to enable a night mode option. To know more, check out the post […]

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night mode

Enable night mode and smart detection using third party apps (camera wake up)

Meeting Room Schedule is designed for displays that are continuously in use. The Kiosk mode option in the tablet keeps your display on for quick and easy visibility. You can always choose to Exit and close the application when the tablet is not in use, especially during night time. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot […]

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