Hot Desking

The New Standard

With our Hot Desking solution, we enable our customers to create a new office organization. Up-to-date, efficient and dynamic – the base for a Smart Office. Moving away from permanently assigned desks, towards a self-serviced seating organization. It’s not only the layout – it’s a cultural change. The home office experience companies are making through the pandemic and the beginning normalization process speeds up this change.

Social Distancing

Due to Covid-19, it’s important to implement safety measures, control distances and track chains of contagion. Helps to adapt to changing regulations.


Work is organized in projects, the classic seating layout sticks to departments. Blocking meeting rooms for long, cross-functional work sessions? Let your teams organize.


It’s easy to fall into routines when working from the same desk every day. Hot desking helps creating attractive office spaces, inspiring people.


Employees got used to home office during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hot Desking supports the planning of presence days and home office. Changing plans? Few clicks/taps to go.

Cost Savings

Reducing office space leads to cost savings. Hot desking lets you shrink your footprint to the number of desks actually getting used.


Create synergies. Wasn’t there a push to promote more networking within the company? Hot desking promotes this trend in a natural way.

Flexible. Efficient. Smart.

Looking at employee surveys, most of the employees don’t want get back to 100% presence in office. More than 90% of white collars are looking forwards to a “hybrid” office mode, showing up 2-3 in the office and stay home for the rest of the week.
What are the driving forces behind hot desking? Why does it seem considerably to more relevant than a couple of years ago? Some companies have grown during the Corona times, they have many new employees that started their jobs in the home office. They won’t have a dedicated desk unless new office space is created. But the timing is uncertain and new lockdowns are considered highly possible. Creating new office space is slow, expensive and too risky nowadays. Even if these companies would ask everybody to return to office, they still need a solution for the transition phase. They have more employees than desks. They need to manage this bottleneck.

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