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Customers who trust us:

Group of 8 companies dedicated to municipal services

It’s Rock solid and haven’t had to touch it in months. All the issues we had with the accounts was around our own issues. Once we cleared that up, we have had no issues at all.

Best app out there for small business use. Works about as well as the high priced systems out there.

Our management did a pivot and …. but your solution is by far the best and if we ever pivot back this direction I’d definitely use your app.

2019 Jan-Oct new users’ average in-app rating during evaluation.

Nice app, great for event planning and management.

I am very happy with the App. So far we have not had any issues or problems to speak of. Getting set up with your app was quick, simple and very streamlined. This solution has allowed our office to move away from printed schedules for the conference rooms to a fully digital setup. Everyone here really likes the new conference room displays.

Displaying schedules in Stuttgart, Jakarta, Bengaluru, Riga, London, Berlin, Guangzhou, Oslo, Sofia, Athens, San Francisco, Dubai, Santiago, Brno, Riyadh, Stockholm, Montreal, Leeds, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Dublin, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Helsinki, Pune, Bangkok, Frankfurt…

FeaturesHighlights of Meeting Room Schedule

Real-time status

In a quick glance you can see the ongoing and upcoming events and availability of the resource. It assists you in locating the correct meeting room or finding a free room for scheduling a meeting. You can also use it to monitor personal schedules.

Calendar integration

Connect to resource calendars through Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 , Google Calendar, GSuite resources or an ICS URL link from any shared internet calendar.

Easy to customize

Customize your digital signage display with the fonts, background colors of your choosing. Adapt the display to match the theme of your company or your resource. Brand the display with your company logo and add background image .

Kiosk Mode

Meeting Room Schedule secures your digital signage display from unwanted interactions. The password protected kiosk mode won't allow access to other apps .

Check-in & Release

Reduce late starters and effectively utilize the available room resources by checking-in to the meeting in time. The room will be auto released if the host doesn't check-in. Manual release allows the host to make the room available if a meeting ends early.

Book Room Now or Later

Did you locate a free resource and want to book it immediately? Walk-in meetings can be booked from the tablet. Search for time slots to book later.

Multi-language support

Meeting room schedule allows you to display the meeting information in any language. You can define headers like "Current Event", "Next Event", "Currently Available" etc. in your preferred language. Ask for your language!

Meeting Room Schedule Door Display

Most solutions are backend-heavy. Your meeting details are processed in the cloud. These include your meeting subject lines and personally identifiable information (PII) like names of attendees.
Our solution processes the meeting data locally and can even be operated without an internet connection. Ask for details...

Meeting Room Schedule Free enables anyone in a company or organization to see the schedule of a resource or person instantly. It’s perfect for organizations where appointments are occurring on an on-going basis and schedule collisions are a part of everyday business life.

  • Great business app for displaying meeting schedules or any type of calendar
  • Displays the ongoing events in a particular room and brings clarity to your organization
  • Reduce late starters and no-show meetings with Auto-Release (Check-in button)
  • Improve room utilization by canceling reservations if event ends early (Release button)
  • Easy instant booking from tablet (Book this room button)
  • Easily integrated with Microsoft Exchange (via asmx-link), Outlook.com, Office 365, Google calendar, local file in your Android device and Dropbox or any other File Server Address.
  • Multi-language support for re-defining headers on main page in any language.
  • Admin passwords for secure use of the app and enabling kiosk mode
  • Useful style features for customization of the data displayed

Meeting Room Schedule Free is very easy to setup and use:

  1. Start by downloading and installing Meeting Room Schedule Free to your android device
  2. Check our live demo that we prepared for you
  3. Register with your email
  4. Connect your Android device to your meeting room calendar
  5. Finally place the Android Device in front of the Meeting Room and enjoy it!
  6. If you have questions, check our FAQ and feel free to reach out!!!

ScreenshotsOur app screenshots

LicensesChoose your package

  • Free 30 day trial Extensions possible, ask for more time
  • $6 or 6€ monthly per display
  • $60 or 60€ yearly per display
  • For further options contact sales@scheduledisplay.com


One-off Payments

6 year license

  • Free 30 day trial Extensions possible, ask for more time
  • Whitelabel options for resellers
  • Multi-language support Ask for your language
  • Add-on app for overview displays of multiple rooms
  • Bulk discounts give number of rooms to quote
  • Ask sales for pricing sales@scheduledisplay.com

Quick Set-up Guide


Install and try the demo

Get the app from Google Play Store Meeting Room Schedule

Get it on Google Play

The Meeting Room Schedule provides a demo connection to explore the features of the app using dummy data.

  • Once installed, open the app and check options in welcome screen.
  • Choose the  Demo Server Display.

The main display screen is now loaded with data from our demo server. You can play around the features to get a feel of what Meeting Room Schedule offers.You can connect to your personal/company calendar once you complete the registration process.



Registration is mandatory for using Meeting Room Schedule to display your calendar data. You can easily register using a valid email address in few quick steps.

  • Install the app and click on  Register or from main display screen go to Settings > Admin Settings
  • Enter the email address, re-enter the email address and click on Register.
  • You will receive a confirmation code in the given email address.
  • Enter the confirmation code and click on Confirm Registration to complete the registration process.


Connect Calendar

Meeting Room Schedule supports calendar data in diverse formats and sources. Hence, you can connect to MS Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar as well any ICS files available in the device or accessible through Internet.

Look up different applications with iCalendar support here

Choose the connection option that suits your company requirements and configure as explained below. However, if you still find it difficult to configure your resource calendar, please feel free to write to us at support@scheduledisplay.com . Alternatively, you can also chat with our support staff to get immediate help.

Microsoft Exchange

First of all, if you already have a Microsoft Exchange account connecting to your calendar can be really quick and easy.

  • Tap on the main display screen to get the navigation options.
  • Go to the screen  Settings > Calendar Connection and select the option Exchange .
  • Clear the demo server settings.
  • Enter your account credentials and select  Save & Exit  option.

The data from your calendar should consequently appear on the tablet display.

In order to know more about the different exchange server connection options, check out Get connected to using Microsoft Exchange

ICS file

A resource can have a fixed schedule and without any real-time modifications.  For such requirements, you can use Meeting Room Schedule to connect to a local ICS file.  Since almost all calendar systems allows you to export your calendar data in .ics format, the data can be made available instantly.

So, you can connect to this static calendar, in few simple steps as below.

  • Download the .ics file of your schedule into the device storage.
  • Tap on the main display screen to get the navigation options.
  • Go to the screen Settings > Calendar Connection and select the option Local.
  • Click on Browse and choose the .ics file from the device storage.
  • Select  Save & Exit  option.

The data from the calendar will consequently be displayed in the tablet display.

Server Address

Meeting Room Schedule allows you to connect to any ICS file published at any folder location accessible over the internet. Therefore, you can connect to any ICS file saved in the Dropbox or to the .ics link for your outlook calendar.

You need the URL pointing to the .ics file and connect to the calendar via the app.

  • Tap on the main display screen to get the navigation options.
  • Go to the screen Settings > Calendar Connection and select the option  Server.
  • Enter the URL  for the ICS file. Credentials are not mandatory, enter only if it is required to access the calendar data.
  • Select Save & Exit option.

The data from the ICS file should consequently appear on the tablet main display.

Google Calendar

Meeting Room Schedule can seamlessly integrate your Google calendar data and display it on any android tablet display.

You have to add the Google account to the device accounts For Meeting Room Schedule to be able to access the calendar. If you do not have the preferred Google Account configured in your device yet, you can do so in few simple steps as described here.  To display your calendar data in Meeting Room Schedule, follow the below steps.

  • Tap on the main display screen to get the navigation options.
  • Go to the screen Settings > Calendar Connection and select the option Google.
  • Click on Select Account button and choose your Google account linked to the desired calendar.
  • If you have not added your account still, you can choose Add Account option instead.
  • Once your account is selected, the calendars linked to the account will be auto-populated.
  • Click on Select Calendar button to choose the desired calendar.
  • Select Save & Exit option.

The data from the selected Google calendar should now appear on the tablet main display.


Customize your display

The Meeting Room Schedule offers various customization options to modify the display and tune to the needs of your tablet. Tap on the main display screen, to access the menu to proceed to Settings > Style Settings. Here you can adjust the look and feel of the display as well as adapt the color scheme to your company theme. The free version of the app allows you to changes the font settings as well as background and text color  for different sections on the main screen.

Further more, the premium version comes with the feature to upload custom logo and  background picture. The app display can thus be adapted for your branding needs by enabling  these customization options.


Enable Check-in & Release

Check-in and Release options are available in the premium version of the app. To activate check-in and release, you should have an active subscription. Once the feature is activated and enabled from admin settings, the check-in and release buttons will be displayed on the main screen. Time to auto-release option allows the admin to set a time after which the room will be marked as available, if the host does not check-in.

  • Once subscription is active, go to Settings > Admin Settings.
  • Enable the option Activate Check-in Procedure.
  • Set the Time to auto release as per your requirements.

Now, the check-in and release options, when available, will be displayed for meetings in the main display screen. This functionality should be discussed with management prior to activation. Ask our support (link: support@scheduledisplay.com) for training documents.

NOTE : Check-in and release options are available only for exchange server connection.


Enable Book Room

Book room now is a premium feature.

  • Once your subscription is active, go to Settings > Admin Settings.
  • Enable the option Activate Book Room Procedure.

Now, the book room button will be displayed in the main screen (bottom right), when the resource is available and there are no other meetings starting in the next 30 minutes.


Multi-language Support

Meeting Room Schedule allows you to display the calendar data in any language. Additionally, with the premium subscription, the app allows header names like “Current Event”, “Next Events”and “Currently available” to be defined in any preferred language.

  • Once subscription is active, go to Settings > Admin Settings.
  • Under the Custom Header Names section re-define headers in any language.

The headers will from now on be displayed as defined in Admin Settings. Additionally, you can also define meeting room name in any desired language from Admin Settings and this does not require a premium subscription.


Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode prevents  any unauthorized interaction with the tablet display.

Configure a password to enable kiosk mode and secure your device.

  • From main display screen go to Settings > Admin Settings
  • Under the section “Password protected kiosk mode
  • Enter a password, re-confirm the password and click on Set Password
  • After returning to main screen, you’ll be asked for this password to reach the menus again.

If you forget your password, push “Reset Password” on the pop-up to get a new password sent to your registered email address. You can also change your password anytime under “Admin Settings”.

Kiosk mode is now enabled in the tablet, therefore requires a password to modify any configuration as well as to exit from the Meeting Room Schedule.




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