Efficiency and Accessibility: Displaying Google Appointment Scheduler on Digital Signage

When the Time is Tight and the Hands are Full… Check the Schedule at a Glance Introduction: Efficient appointment scheduling has become essential for businesses across various industries. The Google Appointment Scheduler provides a solution for managing appointments. With the ability to embed on a website, Google Appointment Scheduler offers a convenient and customizable platform … Read more
Google work profile calendar connection - overview

Google Work Profile – Google Calendar Meeting Room Connection

Some customers choose to utilize work profiles within their Google Workspace environment. This creates separation between personal apps and those who are provided by the administrator. The user has two app spaces to switch between. This looked like an enterprise setup on first sight but we came across small companies who do this as well. Administrators … Read more

How to connect Meeting Room Schedule in a Federated Environment?

The basic Microsoft Authentication is deprecated after 13 Oct 2020 for Microsoft 365 (formerly known as 0365). The new MS OAuth v2 requires authenticating the app/user and using it as a delegate to get the access token for the resource. Read the basics for connecting to your Microsoft 365 (formerly known as 0365)/Exchange resource here. … Read more

Flight board – Create an Overview of Multiple Resources

The flight board add-on app shows an overview of multiple rooms that are managed with Meeting Room Schedule door displays. Used for indoor orientation or for identifying suitable slots to walk-in and book from the door display tablet. The flight board needs to be customized. After setting up multiple devices to manage each room, follow … Read more

How to sync Mozilla Thunderbird with a Meeting Room Schedule door display

Starting out with meeting door displays, everybody has a different starting point. Some small businesses have an email provider and use Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client. Meeting rooms are managed with paper printouts of  calendars. Sometimes there is a shared calendar created. This can be done by exporting the calendar to HTML, iCalendar format or …

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Connect your Door Displays to Microsoft 365 (formerly known as 0365)/Exchange Using Delegate Access

The direct method to connect to a resource to Microsoft 365 (formerly known as 0365) or Exchange is described here. It's very straightforward and should work for 90% of business environments. It needs a visit in the 0365/Exchange directory where resources are listed and delivers the credentials needed by the door display solution. Reset the … Read more

How to display your event from Sched.com

Sched.com is an event scheduling app which supports single-track meetings to global conferences and festivals. This article describes shortly how to display a sched.com event in Meeting Room Schedule display. Steps for getting the schedule ics link : Log in to your sched.com account. Goto the sched.com event url eg: https://eventabcd2018.sched.com/ Click on the icon …

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