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Challenges in the transition to desk sharing in the office

What needs to be considered when creating desk pools? Before introducing a software solution, the following fundamental questions must be clarified. The clarification can of course be done parallel to a test or pilot phase. We are flexible with our "Hot Desking" solution and are happy to support pilot projects.  Desk Pool Size How large … Read more

Game Changer Hot Desking

It’s a cultural change in the office. Moving away from permanently assigned desks towards a dynamic, self-serviced seating organization - a Smart Office. Apparently the home office experience companies are having through the pandemic and the forthcoming normalization process seem to push this change. If you’re here to look for software solution, jump here. If … Read more

Schedule Display – Hot Desking Solutions for Desk Sharing

All shared desks/workstations are created in O365/Exchange/Google Workspace and have an automated calendar–like meeting rooms. This is the base for our solution, giving multiple choices. On site the solution has 2 elements: A)   Visual Orientation and Overview (on dedicated displays or smartphones) B)   Booking and Desk Occupancy (on each desk) A)   On each floor/multi deskroom/open … Read more