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Configuration Cloning – Easy Setup for Multiple Resources

After finishing your setup on one device, clone settings to other displays for other rooms/resources. If you have 2-5 devices and not much time spent on customization of the screen, you’ll probably be faster with setup of the tablets one after another. If you have spent considerable time with customization in style settings and admin settings, you’ll be faster with configuration cloning. If you have more than 5 devices, think about using the backend web interface to configure the displays.

Each tablet can download or upload settings to our backend. The activation of backend functionality is required. To form a group of devices, they need to be registered with the same email and have the same group identifier. Make sure you have the same app build number (check in “About” page) on all the devices.

Do your calendar setup and customization on the 1st device.

1. Activate “Config cloning” in Admin Settings

Tap for Settings
Tap for Admin Settings
Admin Settings

2. Set a group password (you’ll need this later on the other devices).

3. Activate “Overwrite connection details” for first time setup. Afterwards, you’ll need to adapt connection details. Keep the setting off if you already have a working calendar setup. This setting works for both directions. You can keep connection details empty on the backend.

4. Push “Upload configurations” to send your customization to the backend.

5. Now get a 2nd device you’re going to setup. Again, activate “Config cloning”, use same group identifier. Push “Download configuration”. Adapt calendar connection details.

Activate Config Cloning und set a password
Activate Config Cloning


Now go to the main screen on the 2nd device and check results.


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