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For AV integrators: White Label Options for Meeting Room Schedule

This can be interesting for resellers who are looking to offer combined products or extended services. White labeling is a fast way to establish an own brand, giving resellers the freedom to create own pricing models. Our Software can be white labeled on three levels.

Level 1 – Built-in: No Additional Cost.

Place your own logo on main screen and your own contact address in “About”. When run in kiosk mode, end users cannot access any branding information other than entered by you. Limitations: The administrator has access to settings menus that give links to our webpage. The app icon on the Android home screen is not changed.


Logo on top right and embedded logo on background picture (logos can be different).
Logo on top right and embedded logo on background picture (logos can be different).
Custom Contact Details


Level 2 – Admin included

License to brand documentation for end-users and administrators. App name and logo on android home screen are changed according your brand. Links given on Administrator menus are removed or linked to your website. You’ll get our documentation in MS Office format so you can brand it for your customers. Even the administrator has no access to any branding  information other than entered by you.

Custom Links
Custom App Design


Level 3 – Unique Skin

The main screen will be skinned giving a different UI experience to your customers. Cost varies according to your requirements.

Appearence Example


Looking for other license models and custom signage products?

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