Home Office Schedule – our answer to Corona, COVID and what comes after

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How to manage your online meetings without appointment stress with Home Office Schedule:

Don’t miss your conference calls!

In the home office, you are surrounded by distractions. Children romp around and want your attention. The midday is approaching and the refrigerator is almost empty. How are you going to survive lunchtime? Then the sun lures you out to the terrace for a coffee. Meanwhile, your notebook goes to the screensaver. When was the next meeting again? At half-past? Wasn’t that one canceled? Either you’ve already missed it or you’re late. Joining the call with a suitable excuse “… the technology again …”. But how many times can you afford to be late? To avoid this to happen again, you are permanently checking your Outlook calendar while you are on the phone or sipping your coffee. You often need two hands to unlock the screen. So put your cell phone or cup somewhere and enter this annoying password.

With a permanent display on your Android tablet you always have an overview. You can check your calendar in the Home Office Schedule app without the needing your PC. With a glance as you walk past, you can check when when the next appointments are due.

Open the notebook PC just before going to sleep? Painful isn’t it? You sometimes have to do this when you no longer know whether the call was scheduled for 8:00 or 9:00 the next morning. You better set the alarm accordingly, right? With the Home Office Schedule, it’s just a glance. No risk of stumbling across any emails that are going to deprive you of sleep.

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Let others know when you need silence!

You are not alone in your home office. Your partner, children, roommates – they contribute to a loud environment. Happens when you’re in the most important call of the week! You can hardly follow the discussion and keep thinking about whether you should stay on the mute or risk a contribution. In the meantime, you’re giving your roommates angry looks. They in turn gesture back annoyed: “What should I do, the children are here…” or “…why didn’t you say something before…”.

You could print out your daily calendar and hang it up at the beginning of the week. But as often as this changes, you probably won’t keep up. Your daily routine is probably far too dynamic.

If you’re lucky enough to have a workspace, you can pull the door behind you. But how should your roommates know when they can disturb? Attach your Android tablet with Velcro and the Home Office Schedule. All your conference calls can be seen by your roommates.

This also applies to students who attend online courses. Tutoring is increasingly shifting to digital offers.

Our Home Office Schedule app integrates easily with your professional calendar and shows you which meetings are due today or in the following days.

In the home office with your spouse and only one desk available? You can also use the Home Office Schedule to reserve the room/desk for important phone calls or video conferences. A free time window can be searched and reserved directly on the tablet.

Time boxing as an efficient working method – reserve time directly on the tablet

If you’re using “time-boxing” as a working method, you can also utilize the interactive “book” function on your tablet. In this method from time management, you reserve fixed time windows for your to-dos. You are practically planning a meeting with “yourself” so that a specific task does not get lost due to interruptions. In this way, you can schedule suitable slots (e.g. 30 or 60 minutes) to complete the corresponding task during this blocked time.

The search for free slots is much more convenient compared to Outlook. You enter what time to start search from and choose a duration of 30/60/90/120 minutes. You’ll get suitable suggestions in a few seconds. This way, reminders of to-do’s and the right time to do it can be entered in seconds. The topic can even be entered by voice.

Why another calendar app?

Home Office Schedule is not a new calendar app. It integrates with your existing calendar. You’ll continue using your calendar on your PC or notebook. With your access data for Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, Gsuite, Google Calendar etc. you can set up the Home Office Schedule app. The application on the tablet then displays your calendar in the day view and allows you even tobook new events.

You have your calendar on your smartphone device and wonder why the whole thing? The calendar view is unfortunately very small and the “getting there” very fiddly! With the Home Office Schedule app, a glance from distance is enough to get control of your schedule! You don’t need your hands to open menus and windows. Continue making calls or enjoy a short break with with the children.
Contact us or directly download here. We’ll help you set it up!