Quick set-up guide

Install and try the demo

Install the app from Play Store Meeting Room Schedule

The Meeting Room Schedule provides a demo connection to explore the features of the app using dummy data.

  • Install and open the app.
  • Choose the  Demo Server Display option and  click on  Save & Exit.

The main display screen is now loaded with data from our demo server. You can play around the features to get a feel of what Meeting Room Schedule offers.

Customize your display

The Meeting Room Schedule offers various customization options to modify the display and tune to the needs of your tablet. Tap on the main display screen, to access the menu to proceed to Settings > Style Settings. Here you can adjust the look and feel of the display as well as adapt the color scheme to your company theme.

Further more, The premium version comes with the feature to change the logo, define the background picture as well as many extra features which are coming soon. Hence, the app display can be adapted for your branding needs through these customization options.

Configure calendar

The data from a any ICS based calendar can be fed to the tablet display. Meeting Room Schedule supports calendar data in diverse formats and sources. You can connect to MS Exchange or Office 365 as well an ICS files which are available in the device or accessible through internet.

Choose the connection option that suits your company requirements and configure as explained below. However, if you still find it difficult to configure your resource calendar, please feel free to write to us at support@scheduledisplay.com . Alternatively, you can also chat with our support staff to get immediate help.

Microsoft Exchange

If you already have a Microsoft Exchange account, connect to your calendar quick and easy.

  • Tap on the main display screen to get the navigation options.  Go to the screen  Settings > Connection Settings  and select the option  Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter your account credentials and select  Save & Exit  option.

The data from your calendar should consequently appear on the tablet display.

To know more about the different exchange server connection options, check out Get connected to using Microsoft Exchange

ICS file

A resource can have a fixed schedule and without any real-time modifications.  For such requirements, you can use Meeting Room Schedule to connect to a local ICS file.  Almost all calendar systems allows you to export your calendar data in .ics format.

So, you can connect to this static calendar, in few simple steps as below.

  • Download the .ics file of your schedule into the device storage.
  • Tap on the main display screen to get the navigation options.  Go to the screen  Settings > Connection Settings and select the option Local Address
  • Click on Browse and choose the .ics file from the device storage.
  • Select  Save & Exit  option.

The data from the calendar will consequently be displayed in the tablet display.

Server address

The Meeting Room Schedule allows you to connect to an ICS file published at any folder location accessible over the internet. You can connect to an ICS file saved in the Dropbox or connect to the .ics link for your outlook calendar.

Know more about how to get the .ics URL for Dropbox and outlook 365 –click here

You need the URL pointing to the .ics file and connect to the calendar via the app.

  • Tap on the main display screen to get the navigation options.  Go to the screen Settings > Connection Settings  and select the option  Server Address
  • Enter the URL  for the ICS file. Credentials are not mandatory, enter only if it is required to access the calendar data.
  • Select Save & Exit option.

The data from the ICS file should consequently appear on the tablet main display.

Register and enable KIOSK mode

Register with the Meeting Room Schedule using an email address to enable Kiosk mode. In this mode, the tablet display configured with your calendar data and mounted at source can be prevented from any unauthorized interaction.

Register with an email address and configure a password to secure your device.

  • Install the app and click on  Register or from main display screen go to  Settings > Admin Settings 
  • Enter the email address and click on Register.
  • You will receive a verification code in the registered email address.
  • Enter the code and the desired password and click on Save Password

Kiosk mode enabled tablet, therefore requires a password to modify any configuration as well as to exit from the Meeting Room Schedule.