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Meeting Room Schedule integrating the Qeedji TAB10s from INNES

Door Display Software for Android Devices

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Software solutions for meeting rooms, desk sharing, visitor management and employee sign in.
Software Market Position

Expect more. Great price perfomance ratio. Best fit for medium-sized companies.


Control Access. Who’s allowed to Book/Check-in/Release?

Presence sensor

The software automatically detects when a person is standing in front of it.

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Language Support


LED Integrations
Remote Administration


Sensor Integrations
On Premise Server

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In the area of meeting room door displays we can see multiple trends. On one side, end customers ask for more functionality. This includes more buttons and thrills for the end users but also further integrations to surrounding systems. For example, integrations with presence sensors inside the rooms, room access and access to software itself. Another trend is that more customers are aware that they are synergies possible between meeting room displays and desk sharing solutions. Sign in systems get integrated as well. The project complexity is rising. Cost awareness is also rising. Customers are considering to switch their software solution in use with savings in mind. This why we believe we can achieve the best solution with a project oriented, flexible mindset. Let’s start talking!

Integrated Solutions for the Smart Workplace

Downsizing the Office? Attendance Statistics? Wayfinding for Visitors? What drives you?

Desk Sharing

Desk Sharing becomes more relevant nowadays. Some companies have grown during the pandemic, they have many new employees that started their jobs in the home office. They have more employees than desks. This bottleneck needs to be managed by a reservation system.

Looking at employee surveys, most of the employees don’t want get back to 100% presence in office. More than 90% of white collars are looking forwards to a “hybrid” office mode, showing up 2-3 in the office and stay home for the rest of the week. This gives a good base for plans to downsize the office.

Another case is the office space for subcontractors. Allocate a flexible workspace for all the external workers.

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Sign In & Visitor Register

Many small and medium sized companies don’t have any digital solution to handle employee and visitor streams.

Pre-register visitors. Send them emails with navigation help. Notify the visitee upon arrival. Get your visitor guidelines acknowledged (emergencies, corona rules etc.).

The solution helps with emergency evacuation as well. You’ll know who’s in the building. Employees sign-in with their RFID/NFC tags. Visitors are registered. Your assigned personnel can do further mobile sign-outs at the assembly point.

Know who’s on-site. Balance home-office vs. office attendance. Monitor lone workers.

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