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night mode

Enable night mode and smart detection using third party apps (camera wake up)

Meeting Room Schedule is designed for displays that are continuously in use. The Kiosk mode option in the tablet keeps your display on for quick and easy visibility. You can always choose to Exit and close the application when the tablet is not in use, especially during night time. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot […]

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All about Outlook Calendars

Meeting Room Schedule allows seamless integration with your outlook calendar. There are multiple options available to connect to your outlook calendar. However, for knowing which method to use, you need to understand the Outlook that you are using now.   Know your Outlook : If you do not have an outlook account yet and want […]

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How to publish exchange or OWA calendar ?

Sharing calendar information of the user or the resource with the Meeting Room Schedule app enables you to view the real-time schedule in the android device. This core idea makes the app extremely useful for personal as well as professional purposes. This article gives a quick tour of how to publish the outlook/exchange calendar and obtain […]

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Connect to Microsoft Exchange/Microsoft Office 365

You can connect to your Microsoft O365/Microsoft Exchange resource calendar using multiple options. The Meeting Room Schedule allows you to connect to a calendar associated with a user account as well. This entry shows how to connect to a resource directly. Check our blogpost about Delegate Access if you prefer to connect using a more advanced […]

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