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Reasons for choosing commercial tablets and where to buy them

If you liked our software it is time to start thinking about hardware. You may choose to have an evaluation of Meeting Room Schedule using a consumer tablet and move later towards commercial tablets. If you have a budget of 200-300€/$ per unit, we recommend you to buy professional android tablets for the door displays. […]

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Schedule Display is now freemium.

Meeting Room Schedule Free app is going to be available in both free and premium versions. Upgrading to the premium version unlocks new features like check-in & release feature for meeting room resource,  options for branding the display  with company name and logo as well as custom background image for the main display screen. The […]

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enable night mode

Enable night mode with tasker app

There are multiple options available to enable a night mode or power saving mode. Some commercial tablets have built-in functionality for power cycling. In one of the previous posts, we explained how you can make use of your camera and smart detection to enable a night mode option. To know more, check out the post […]

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Digital Signage for digitally-connected work spaces

Digital signages have become a very popular tool in creating efficient digitally connected work-spaces. Big corporates as well as small companies are using digital displays to monitor, track, communicate, inform as well as inspire employees. Today’s millennial population yearn for quick and easy access to information, They are embracing the technology and creating an effective communication environment within employees and with the […]

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Tips on tablet wall mounts and hiding cables

A huge variety of tablet wall mounts, enclosures and docking stations are available in market now. Some of them are tablet specific while some are universal. Here we look at few of the best options for mounting your resource schedule display. Magnetic Tablet Wall Mounts  You can attach a magnetic strip on the back of […]

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night mode

Enable night mode and smart detection using third party apps (camera wake up)

Meeting Room Schedule is designed for displays that are continuously in use. The Kiosk mode option in the tablet keeps your display on for quick and easy visibility. You can always choose to Exit and close the application when the tablet is not in use, especially during night time. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot […]

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